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SOLD Flint Rifle Tool

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32 Cal.
Jul 8, 2005
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Copied from an original, this hand-forged flint rifleman's combination tool is hardened and tempered, ideal for the French & Indian War or Revolutionary War re-enactor.

The ramrod extension is threaded to fit the Brown Bess Musket marked 1762 GRICE or 1776 STOWE, 1777 Charleville Musket, Springfield Flint Muskets, and similar guns with 5-.8 mm steel ramrods by Davide Pedersoli, Italy.

It may also fit extend the ramrod of your TOWER marked Brown Bess, or 1763 Charleville by Navy Arms.

Made to serve the Davide Pedersloi Brown Bess or Springfield or Charleville Musket, the forged blade tightens the top jaw screw. You can easily change flints on your Brown Bess flint musket, using this tool.

Use the flint knapping hammer to chip and sharpen flints. Unscrew the handle to find a hidden hand forged vent pick. Grind or file it, to fit and clean your gun's vent.

These are unused. I have two of these. Price is 32.00 each shipped.


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