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SOLD English Long Fowler, 20 Gauge Smoothbore

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40 Cal.
Oct 30, 2004
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SALE PENDING! English-type fowling piece, built from a Jim Chambers parts set many moons ago by Mr. Dave Muns of Minnesota. 20 ga. Getz barrel, 46” oct-rnd with wedding band. Chambers Round-face English lock. Black walnut stock. Brass furniture. Engraving by Mr. Jim Filipski added later. Small brass rear sight. Inner end of ramrod threaded for accessories (8-32). You can see the kit, with specs, shown as the Pennsylvania Fowler, here: Jim Chambers Flintlocks

Excellent condition, with minor handling marks, patina, and slight dings from nearly 15 years of use. Bore is in great shape with no pitting, and lock function is super - great sparks and flints last quite a long while.

$1750.00 US shipping/insurance included. Located in Port Crane, NY 13833


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