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Dutch Schoultz : A Mighty Tree Has Fallen In the Forest

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Rest In Peace Dutch. When I first started out with a flintlock muzzleloader 20+ years ago, I ordered his system and read it, used it, but over the years just sort of incorporated his methods without remembering where they came from. Recently, when I read about Dutch here, I ordered his book to support him. When I started to read it again, I was amazed at how much of my "learned knowledge" about muzzleloader shooting were DUTCH's ideas.

God Bless him and his family.
A true gentleman in the hobby who continued to maintain such a demeanor in his posts and recommendations. His insight into the hobby was a huge asset.

Never knew him, but as a brand new shooter to traditional muzzleloaders, hard to say I would've had the confidence to go out on a public range full of plastic wonders and fiddle around with sticks and balls and powder and such enough to get going.

His work really set me up to land on my feet. He will be missed!
It is with regret that I inform you that Dutch Schoultz ,the well known and much liked and respected author of the book "Black Powder Rifle Accuracy", passed on the 8th of April 2022 .
Dutch passed quietly and without pain at the age of 94 with his family at his side .
His Daughter Lynn will continue to sell his book .
94 is a great ride, we should all be so lucky. Happy shooting Dutch, it's good to know we have some talent on the other side when we get there.
May the good Lord take him in his arms and comfort him with eternal peace. My deepest condolences to his family and may the Lord comfort them in this time of great loss.
Years ago when I first started shooting round balls exclusively, I reached out to Dutch thru email. After many questions were answered, I still had more. Finally Dutch gave me his phone number and had me call to talk live. In those ten or fifteen minutes, he probably gave me more information than I could have acquired in many years. I bought his book, and still refer back to it occasionally. A great man, he will be missed!
RIP Dutch. He helped me a lot and his book is a great asset. He will be missed. His help and advice will be missed around the world of BP shooters.

RIP Dutch
Words cannot describe the loss to the shooting black powder shooting community. Very knowledgeable, humble and generous person that I will miss immensely. I can only stay strong in the belief that we will meet “ on the other side” and be able to continue to enjoy his wisdom. May God bless you Dutch.
"To my fellow Missourian..." was how Dutch always started our conversations. He will surely be missed and every time I see a post in all caps, I'll think of him! ( he said he wasn't yelling, he could read all caps better!!!)
Godspeed old friend!