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Jun 22, 2022
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Just to introduce myself, Glenn McQuire LEM Moulds, Blackpool, England.
Long overdue in joining this Forum and look forward to joining in with Discussions etc regarding all aspects of Muzzle Loading.
I would think the majority of the Members may well be familiar with my Moulds as to date LEM have made approx 19,000 Moulds of all types raging from Air Pellet to Cannon Ball size and currently have on the order book a 4.5" diameter one to make!.
At the moment I am concentrating on Conical and can offer, Martini Henry in both Carbine and full weight, .568" Pritchett, .550" for the P.53, .590" Snider
(no Grease Grooves), Monkey Tail, Cylindrical Whitworth, and possibly Hexagonal once more subject to interest.
I can offer a "Bespoke" service for other Calibres as the tooling I have is quite extensive, please enquire.
Also I have in the past recreated "original" types of Moulds suitable for casing, an example of this would be the replica of a Westley Richards Monkey Tail Mould that I did about a year ago for a very well known British Militaria Forum Member based in Sweden.
The attached picture is of that brass Mould and does show what is possible for me to supply provided I have enough information in front of me.
The Cannon Ball Mould in Cast Iron is about 2.25" in Diameter, and was for a USA customer.
Last picture a view of a Martini Henry full weight Mould, this Mould design is common to all of my current Conical Moulds.
Anyway I am here to help if I can.


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Feb 28, 2019
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Well I gave you a glowing recomendation as Iv'e had so many moulds from you over 50 years I even have a 22 air rifle mould your dad made but its likley with your first intro & seems to have run separate to this posting No matter you got here ; all strength to your bow.
Regards Rudyard