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    Garlic Scapes

    Thank you kind Sir. I have been using McCormick Garlic Powder. Will see what may be available online. Best Wishes, WW
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    Garlic Scapes

    DadGumIt! Mr. colorado Clyde, just checked our jar and danged if the McCormick brand isn't imported from China. Never bothered to look before. Who would have thought? Now am going to have to look for a different source, but thank you just the same. Any you might care to recommend? Best wishes, WW
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    Got Corn?

    Thank you kind Sir. Best Wishes, WW
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    Got Corn?

    Please forgive my confusion but are you eating the corn or the cob? Or both? Best Wishes, WW
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    Groundhawg Day Sammich

    Mr. scalper, Is there suppose to be a photo accompanying your statement? Best Wishes, WW
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    Hello from Fairbanks Alaska

    Mr. Louisk, Welcome to the Forum. Best Wishes, WW
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    Hello from Alaska

    Howdy and welcome! Lot of fine folks here. Best Wishes, WW
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    fur moccasins?

    Same here. Best Wishes, WW
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    Do Not Reply Forum email ??

    We received both emails. Best Wishes, WW
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    2014 Winter Trek and Camp

    Same here. Best Wishes
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    Trekking Scenarios?

    Mr. J.Williams, I would check the "Never. I'd feel foolish." if you had left off the stipulation "...I'd feel foolish." Best Wishes
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    Mink Oil for Shoes?

    Mr. bpd303, Thank you. Best Wishes
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    Mink Oil for Shoes?

    Mr. BWLVR, What is 20/10 WSW fluid? Best Wishes
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    Wheel Weight RB's

    Mr. Perryman, We have been using RBs cast from ww for over 20 years with no noticeable loss in accuracy. As others have mentioned, the mold will cast a slightly larger ball, easily compensated with a thinner patch, in our experience. For our use we find them to be superior to the pure lead...
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    Gary Tedeski

    Mr. Celt5494, Sorry for the loss of your friend. Never easy. Best Wishes