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40 Cal
Oct 2, 2021
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Well Brian we’ve moved from the Leatherwall to here. Welcome buddy. Beautiful rifle. We’ll have to get together and shoot sometime. Jim Keller
Jim!!! Did not know you were into muzzleloaders!?
Oct 9, 2019
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Welcome, Brian. Glad to see some younger souls pushing powder and lead down a barrel.
Kind of interesting about your parents leaving the Mennonite Church. Definitely a different lifestyle. I am not a member, since I am twice divorced, but do attend the Mennonite Church here in Kenton, OH. And our church is a part of the Eastern Pennsylvania Mennonites. I just enjoy the folks there. Very friendly, non-judgmental, freely offering to help with many things. At 76, I'm no spring chicken, and Agent Orange from my mis-spent youth is laying me low - need all the help I can get.
I build LR's as a hobby, currently working on a .62 cal Jaeger, English walnut stock (hard as heck to work!). Bunch of smoothbores and rifles of various gauges and calibers - but I don't get out often enough! And when I do go, I have to leave my gun-shy Service Dog at home. Otherwise she goes about any place I go.
If I get over toward eastern Penn., I'll try to look you up.