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32 Cal.
Dec 30, 2004
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Jacksonville Florida
Hey you all.
I'm new on here, read through these forums for years but just recently dawned in me to join.
I don't do social media, but I thought this would be fun.
So anyhow my name is Brian Kauffman and I'm 31 years old from Central PA.
In fact I'm the 10th generation in PA since my 7th Great Grandpa came over in 1752 at age 15 (All Amish and Mennonite in my background mom and dad left the Mennonite church when I was 2).
One of those things I didn't realize the heritage of my relatives all bring from Lancaster Berks and be Chester counties where the history of these rifles come from. Dad moved out of Lancaster county in 1963 to Juniata Co. Anyhow about flintlocks... I've been into flintlocks since 2015, gradually upgrading and recently finishing myself a Isaac Haines in .45
If you are into youtube I have a few videos up under B Kauffman.

If any of you I've met at shoots, chime in , I don't know who all is on here.

A couple other fun things, I worked for my in-laws at a sawmill in Mount Pleasant Mills.
I got to help cut gun stock material for Allen Martin, Bob Lepley and a few others.
from what I'm was told from Lepley that some of his wood he bought from the mill he supplies Chambers and Track of the Wolf with so that's pretty cool. I since have left the sawmill.

Ill add some pictures here of the first gun I built. It's a NW Trade gun from Pecatonica.
don't ask me why I went with curly. Ha.
Its a 42" Colrain Barrel Cylinder bore
L&R Queen Anne Lock
I took two deer with it last year. Had a flash in the pan on a bear. That was quite a story.

Last September I started my .45 cal Isaac Haines.
I finished it on memorial day.
I was slow at getting it done.
it's a swamped 38" B weight Rice.
large siler, single Bivens trigger.
the stock came locally. Bob Lepley shaped it.
to note, I went with the Roman numeral 10 (X) on my side plate hence the 10th generation theme... which I did with a graver as well as my name on the top flat.
I cut a few lines in the gun and beaver tails etc. Nothing over the top...but man I just love that gun. Can't wait to get it out in a couple weeks in our early muzzleloader season. I shoot about 3 or 4 times a week, can't get enough of it.
So that's my story. Looking forward to future discussions!

One thing I'll add yet, I don't know why more younger guys aren't into this sport, I do my best to tell everyone I know to give it a try.
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