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Yes, a 45 caliber will kill a 15 point buck…

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Skychief, You certainly got "El Macho Grande" this time. You did your homework and it paid off big time. He's an older gentleman and that rack qualifies as awesome IMHO. I used almost the same load to kill a doe at 75 yards some years back; it doesn't take all that much power.

Most of my deer have been killed with a couple of .45s I used for many years. All died, several DRT, and none ever ran far. I never needed a second shot as one .440" ball did the deed with relish. Often the .45 is damned with faint praise or simply dismissed. I stopped hunting several years ago but when I did hunt my .45 flintlock longrifle - okay my ancient H&A did get workouts - was usually what I carried. My .45 also collected bobcats and small game all the way down to squirrels. You da' man!
I was blessed to cross paths with this buck yesterday afternoon after hunting him since our October 1st archery opener.

I had a few photos of him but like all the older bucks this season (in my woods), they were all at night.

I did see a lot of bucks while out with my recurve but passed up opportunities hoping to find this or a couple other bucks that had visited my place.

The little Thompson Center came through again killing another buck north of 200 pounds.

Double lunged, he managed to lope about twenty yards, then I watched him sway, then drop within 40 yards of my ladder stand.

Good luck to all…..
Well done sir! He'll make a dandy hat rack for sure! 👍
Hello hanshi. Hope you are doing well!

I titled the thread as I did because of the several threads questioning the effectiveness of the forty five on deer. I hunt with mine with confidence of past success.

Take care and Merry Christmas, Skychief.

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