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Woodsrunner flint slipping

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Mar 23, 2021
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OK, I have been doing this since the 70's so I am not a newbie but my Woodsrunner has me puzzled.

I wipe the flint and frizzen between shots and about every 8 shots or so the flint has loosened, this is with different flints.

I used a graver to put some divots in the top and bottom jaw but admittedly they were hard enough that the divots are not very big, same thing:dunno:

Never had this problem before even with a Kibler SMR so anyone want to postulate what is going on and how to remedy?
Do you use lead or leather to support your flint in the jaws? With my Kibler Colonial the flints have to be tightened quite a bit. I attribute this to the heavier weight/force of the hammer spring on the Kibler lock compared to my other locks. I also will make sure the flint is sized to make contact at the rear contact point in the jaws for additional support.
I only use leather to hold the flint, but it is possible I am not cranking it down enough, just using a Chapman screwdriver without the ratchet.

Let me get out the cheater bar.... (Just kidding!)

I will update after shooting some more.

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