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What Muzzleloading Stuff Did You Do Today?

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I loaded up a bunch of paper cartridges for my 36 and 44 revolvers. I enjoy making paper cartridges and using them to speed up the loading of my revolvers. What I don't like is having to clean all of the unburnt paper out of the cylinders. Does anyone else have this problem with paper cartridges and if so what do you do to eliminate or cut back on this task.
You might try nitrating the paper for a complete burn.
Missed going to Holden.. Wife had plans for us and then our lil grandson Lincoln,, had his daddy call , so he could ask
if he could play with Poppa and Monga??< couldn't resist > I wouldn't of had time to get over there and back.

Missed seeing if Jon Pieron , Jim Turpin and Denny Martinni were there? By the pics, I wudda liked to have had a talk with that Golden Mean guy, ( watched his build on Youtube. )

Glad to see it looked like a decent show!

Respect Always
Jon was not there. Hope he’s doing ok?!!
Spent the day working on an arm load of leather accoutrements for the ML show in Enumclaw next month, more tomorrow, maybe spend a few hours on the Woodsrunner in the afternoon.
Yesterday went to the club shoot held on the second Saturday of the month. Took my little used 3 band Enfield and shot prb's in it. At 50 yards it held black for me it I did my part. It did not like minie balls at all. Also took my 62-20 smoothbore flinter and shot it several times with prb's too. It shot better than the Enfield. First time at the range for either of these two guns and I was pretty much happy with how they both did. I'm starting to feel strong enough to make the range trips more often, hope it keeps getting better.

What brand Enfield is it? Usually, if a rifle musket won't shoot Minies, it is either too small a bullet or the lead is too hard? What powder charge did you use and which style and weight Minie were you using?
Did a good bit of shooting with my maple stocked .45 SMR. Beautiful day for it. Had installed a new, taller rear sight and was afraid I had already filed the V to deep after installing it, but I was very lucky and it was perfect. I did have to make some windage adjustments and went ahead and staked it before I kept shooting. Used my normal 45 gr load of Swiss 3F, but I used .020 patches instead of the .018 pillow ticking I normally use. Was using mink oil lube and .440 cast RB. I was really pleased that with a 6 o’clock hold the POI was pretty much the same at 25 and 50 yards. I was getting 3 and even a 4 shot touching groups, but the accuracy would start to drift after 5-6 shots, usually to the right, if I didn’t swab. I shot about 30 rounds so I had my share of self induced flyers too! Think I was starting to get tired toward the end so I called it a day. But now this rifle is ready for the woods walk. Time to get to cleaning.


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Tried some long range shooting, well long for me. The Helium bottle is about 250 yards, hit it 2 out of 5 shots. Grandson spotted for me ,trying to get him interested, he's 12. Used my 40 cal tenn mt rifle, 45 gr 3f swiss .395 ball, .018 patch, Mr flintlock lube and shot off the fence post. I'm really starting to like that rifle.
Got my parts in for my Jukar lock. I changed the tumbler to one that will accept a fly and bridle and fit the bridle in place. All that is needed is to drill and tap one screw hole and it will be completed. I decided to save a few bucks and not buy the fly since I only have a single trigger. I don't knot if I got lucky or maybe I actually did a good job when I cleaned and smoothed everything up, but the trigger and lock seem to be very smooth in my inexperienced opinion.
Not today, but yesterday, went about 100 miles NW with friends to do a practice run for the spring TMLRA shoot. It was upper 20s and 15-18 mph winds gusting to 35, quite a time. I shot three relays with the SMR, 30 rounds offhand, spit patch, cut at the muzzle because of wearing knit gloves and cut patches departing the premises instantly if not in a closed container. My new range box worked great, quite pleased with the function, how much it holds, and how portable it is even when loaded up with five pounds of powder, three calibers of balls, containers of shot and corn meal, cleaning and patch lubes, oil, tools, extra flints, tape, and sundries.

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Before I read your post I thought, "I know that place!" I'll be at the match. I won't be able to come every day - dang job - but I'll come over. Maybe I'll see ya there.

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