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Using whatcha got

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Nov 12, 2018
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To me part of the fun of this hobby is doing for myself with what I've got.
The early frontiersman didn't have big box stores to buy what they needed, so they used what was available.
With that mindset it's amazing how many useful items you can create by going thru your barn or garage and being creative.
Here's a few items I've crafted from barn, garage and yard finds.
1. Shooting bag from scraps of ticking and leather lacing.
2.knapping tool from scrap antler and framing nail.
3. Ball starter from a tree I cut back.
4. 70 gr. Powder measure from bamboo plant stake.
5. Vent pick from hardened wire from a utility flag marker.
6. Pan brush from a piece of Hemp rope.
None of these items are museum quality but all are functional, useful and cost nothing but time and imagination.
Next time you need an item for use in this hobby, dig through some junk and use your imagination......you might be surprised what kind of useful treasures you can use and create.


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👍👍 Yep!! That’s an awesome part of this hobby.

Done all that plus:

1. A ramrod from the limb of a hickory tree that fell out back.
2. Patches made from old tee shirts.
3. Round balls made from scrap lead and wheel weights.
4. Tow made from unraveled jute string.
5. Rifle made from parts collected over several years.
6. Powder measures made from wooden dowels, antler, shotgun shells, center fire rifle or pistol shells and even a sharpie marker lid.
7. Knives made in the blacksmith shop from scrap metal.
Your right ...a very interesting and gratifying aspect of black powder shooting , building etc. is using what is available or handy to ya . Making powder measures , making your powder horn or pouch ...of course making your round balls ...I made the long corn knife and long hunter knife from old broke antique blades picked up.here and there , old 100 yr. old water tank trap steel banding I made the three N.W. trigger guards from , . hornets nest for wadding , from.the wood pile get a piece of hickory and make some ramrods , stock.blanks from trees you've dropped , collect willow and make charcoal , old piece of brass I run across make Carolina gun trigger guards from for years now , scrap iron found in old gas station made triggers from ..ive made many NW trade guns from old or even antique unused barrels , one I'm holding I made everything but the breech plug , lock and bolts ...I cut the tree down ....It makes it interesting and just , I dont know , kinda personal and fun .


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Agree this is a fun part of this avocation. Some of the stuff I have made has been non-period-correct, but that didn't take the satisfaction out of it. Early in the Scurlock Publishing "Books of Busckskinning" series, there was an article titled "Why Buckskinners Create." In those days 30-40 years ago, the hobby was pretty unsophisticated and things got pretty wild, but still satisfying! 😄