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Travel with Flintlock Rife

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I'm making a thousand mile trip starting Sunday, taking 3 long rifles, 39-42" barrels, and 2 plains rifles. Each has it's own soft case (the Dixie $10-15 one). I drive a full size pickup crew cab 1500. I put wool blankets in the back seat footwells and the drive train hump (3 piece tipi liner sections also work), and carefully stack the firearms across those (the Bess just barely fits). Moving blankets/towels, etc provide additional protection and keep the guns from shifting if a Bat-Turn is required. I've made a dozen or more of these trips in the last few years. No damage at any time and a lot cheaper than buying 5 of the $100 cases. Just pack them like they were a couple dozen raw eggs, don't drop anything heavy on them and Bob's your uncle.
My wife bought me one many years ago. I'm trying to remember the maker. It's a hard case and the top layer is wool or cloth with an Indian blanket pattern. Plenty long enough for the Chambers 64" barrel Early Lancaster. Zipper open/close. Foam interior. No way to lock it for airline travel. As soon as I can remember who made it I will re-post.
For driving, I usually use a silicone treated gun sock. I have an aluminum airline approved case for when I fly. I don't remember the brand, but I ordered it through Cabelas years ago. I'd go look at it to see what brand, but I'm about 1,100-1,200 miles from home.
I have a soft home made case for local carrying, hunts, rondys etc.
I also have a Plano Air Glide lockable case for my killing machine.
It barely fits the flinter, With two locks, its safe, can even take them on a plane.
I machine sew up my own cases from quilted fabric bought at JoAnn fabric store. Material is available in several colors. Seam binding tape works well to protect open edges and as tie closure.
I just ordered the one from Kibler. I'd been putting it in my cart and then taking it back out. By the time I made the decision Kibler was sold out, so I emailed them asking when they were expecting to restock. I got an email right back offering to invoice me and have one shipped direct. Nor sure who it was I was emailing with, but thanks again. Excellent customer service!
Buckskin sleeve then custom decorate it, the way it's always been for hundreds of years.
I even made a leather one for my unmentionable and smaller ones for my flintlock pistols.

Won't help those in nanny states however...


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My Kibler SMR with the 46" barrel will not fit today's cars. A 1960 Cadillac maybe, but they don't make those anymore. You need a SUV or a full sized pick up!
Yep, with the exception of my pedersoli jaeger I have to fold the back seat down in my Cherokee when going to the range.