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To pin or not to pin a wooden ramrod?

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My neighbor never listens and always ran a dry patch---STUCK and no glue or pin so he left the end with a jag down there. Of course he called me, I went over and he was upstairs searching for something. I seen epoxy sitting there and put some on the end of the rod and got it in. By the time he got down, I had the thing fixed.
Good advice re. growth rings. Not unlike how an arrow builder installs his nocks. The relative strength, or rather the flex when shot requires consistency in mounting nocks because of that flex.
Best advice is use a steel range rod whenever possible and only use the wooden rod (pinned and glued tips) for field use.
I learned to sand the inside of the tip with coarse sandpaper to give the epoxy some bite, but drill and pin also. Before you do, look at the end grain of the tip of the ramrod. You want to check the orientation of the growth rings. They should look kind of like this: (III) . Drill the pin hole perpendicular to those growth rings. If you don't you can pull the pin right out of the wood if yanking hard enough.

I had that happen once on a used CVA Mt. Pistol I bought. It came with two free .50 maxie balls in the barrel but no powder. They had been there a while. I managed to pull one before the pin tore out of the wood. That pistol rod was one of the first I built decades back, and I did not think of grain orientation a the time. I cut off the boogered wood, rotated the tip so the existing pin hole was perpendicular to the grain and reinstalled it properly. Almost 10 years later that tip is still fine.

My $0.02. You get what you pay for. ;)
Thank you very much for this note!
Never used glue, just get a TIGHT fit, hammer it down and Pin it.
Never had one come off, however my Ramrod has no threads as it is for 'Ramming' patch and ball and my Cleaning Rod is for cleaning and pulling (got tiered of breaking wood ones so it's brass now)

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