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Thompson/Center Arms Hawken Questions

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Apr 15, 2023
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Centennial, CO
Hi All,
A friend of mine recently acquired a TC Hawken rifle and had some questions that I thought would be best referred to you folks.
As you probably know this reproduction has a 28" barrel and is half stocked. It's in really nice condition.
-How can one tell with these muzzleloaders whether it is loaded or not? The is no cap, obviously, but he wanted me to check that there were no ball or powder in the barrel. Sorry for the naive question, but I have little if any experience with muzzleloaders.
-The Serial number on the rifle is K59363. I believe that many of these rifles were made in the '70's, but am wondering if there is a chart available which would indicate the year of manufacture.
Any assistance you might provide this novice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks much,
Greg Cooke
Centennial, CO
drop the ram rod down the bore and mark it at the muzzle.
remove rammer and lay it on the barrel with mark at muzzle.
if it goes to the breech plug it is clear.
second method is to run air from a compressor down the barrel and feel for air coming out the nipple.
third is cap that puppy and snap it. see if it fires. this method is best done out doors unless you have a very understanding spouse.
Agree with Deerstalker and Boomerang.

Also, I have been able to remove the nipple and shine a small but bright LED light into the drum and been able to look down the bore and get some illumination of the breech. If you get the right angle shining the light in it does get some light into the breech. This of course is assuming the flash channel is not plugged

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