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TC trivia

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I can't find the date just Catalog #32 on the cover. I had ordered several barrels from them back then
but all were for my TC unmentionables. I really didn't need any more muzzleloaders at the time.
Heck, I don't now but looking back, yeah.
In the same boat. Spent most of the last 20 years on other shooting sports ventures. Came back to this aspect to find it totally changed and a remanent of what it was. I've misplaced a box of those TC catalogs, easily over 30 years worth going back into the 80s sometime.
So the Hawken barrels are or were marked as Hawken? Been so long don't remember if the one in the shop I mentioned had that on it. I picked up a 1" stock a while back to go with a Green Mountain .62 barrel. Might have some hens teeth to find now. Do see the .54s from time to time.
Not all hawken’s were marked the early ones weren’t neither hawken or renegade but all of the custom shop barrels were marked “ custom shop “
Checked the dates on the catalogs I didn't misplace. 32 would be from 2005, #27 was year 2000. I figured those would date to the 80s, 90s at the latest. It's no wonder they're so rare. They were a custom shop item and offered at the height of the inline craze. At that time around here shops were giving used side lock guns away if you spent enough money on something else cause no one was buying them.
There used to be racks and racks of them collecting dust. Don't know what happened to them but wish I'd bought them by the arm full when they were pennies on the dollar.
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The Green Mountain .61 drop-in barrels ended up being my favorite for the TC Hawken.
On a side note, why didn't anyone come out with replacement hammers for TC first generation flinters?
TC did offer both the Hawken and the Renegade in 54 and 58 through their custom shop, Fox Ridge Outfitters.
Your choice of flintlock or cap lock. All came with a 1 in 48" twist and the QLA Muzzle System for fast loading.
The Hawken being 28" and the Renegade was 26" in length. Looking back now, I'd take one of each Hawken's.

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I was wondering how long it would be before somebody mentioned Fox Ridge!

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