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snake eye's nipple wrench??? pics added

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40 Cal.
Sep 11, 2004
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the great Adirondacks
just picked up a Snake Eyes pistol and want to remove nipples to clean where can i find a wrench for it? seems the normal cap and ball wrenches are way to long to get in there any help??


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I’m not familiar with the Snake Eyes pistol. A picture would help.

If you need a really short wrench to fit a tight space, maybe one of the ratcheting nipple wrenches from Ted Cash Manufacturing would work.

Notchy Bob
Had a snake eye pistol at one time and don’t recall any difficulty getting nipples in or out, but I do have a variety of nipple wrenches. A photograph or two would help us to understand your issue.
After loosening the nipple, you might want to try pushing an automotive vacuum line cap onto the cone to make it easier to remove and reinstall.