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Single set trigger search

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Jan 21, 2021
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Gents, I'm new to set triggers of any type and am on the search for a single set that I can use with a fowler t/guard. Stan Hollenbough's not doing his at the this time, the Cain seems like it might be a bit too tall (?), Davis has a new one #0002 that looks promising, and L&r's SST-S could work but I don't know their status quality wise these days. The Cain and Davis 0002 are the same price but the new Davis will fire unset or set. Has anyone had any experience with that New Davis ? This will be a non hunting rifle, A wght. Rice, .40 cal, w/Kibler's Siler lock. Thoughts and observations would be appreciated. Thanks, Fred
I have a custom made single set trigger mechanism, and a pistol with a single set triggers. Both of the triggers are hyper sensitive to how they are adjusted. So much so I do not trust them. The pistol requires to be place on half cock, capped, trigger set, then full cock. If you forget to set the trigger the hammer falls from full cock. The gun can not be fired un-set. The set trigger pull is only a couple ounces. I think it is an accidental discharge in the making. I have chosen to no use a set of custom made single set trigger because I consider them unsafe too. There is no reason that excellent scores can not be posted with a normal trigger.

As for putting a single set trigger on a long gun, I would never do it.

I would not trust a single set trigger made from cast parts.
Thanks Scota, I've been pouring over forum comments here and on ALR for a couple of days and it'll make you're head spin. Yours is not the only post with the similar observations on the single sets. Others love them but all s/sets seem to come with their own set of shortcomings on the install and/or adjustment. I'm not averse to a good quality double set. Cain's and Kiblers come to mind. Maybe at this point I'll need to contact them to see what the spacing is on the triggers when set to see if I can tuck them into the guard I'd like to use. That was going to be my next option. In the past I've always set up my simple triggers with a 5/16 spacing from the trigger pin center to the sear contact point which always gave a 3-3 1/2# trigger pull almost regardless of lock type. I'd like to have something lighter and crisper for this one if possible. Thanks again, Fred
I quit using single set triggers on longrifles. Dangerous for newbee's. Found I can adjust a standard single trigger to function safely , with little creep. It's all in where you pin the trigger.
I quit using single set triggers on longrifles. Dangerous for newbee's. Found I can adjust a standard single trigger to function safely , with little creep. It's all in where you pin the trigger.
I've had pretty good success in the past with Chamber's locks and the Issac Haines trigger and plate. The IH combo puts the trigger pivot above the sear and a 5/16" from pivot to sear engagement point is the sum total of my arm/moment/mechanical advantage exercise. This gives me a 3# +/- trigger pull. 'Not to hijack my own thread but I'm also open to further suggestion for improvement on simple trigger setup. At the same time I'm not ready to throw in the towel on finding a set trigger for this one yet and that includes double sets if I can find one that workable for what I'm trying to do. Thanks for the input! Cheers, Fred
Stans SST is very well made and functions well. However, one is not supposed to bend the lock plate to fit. I was going to install it on a small pistol and it is to large and the curve does not match.

That is a different kind of single set trigger. Is uses a spring that goes over a cam on the trigger? Hypothetically that seems better than what I have. It looks like he one that Browning used on their Mountain rifle. That trigger was solid.

I do not like the ones with many tiny parts and springs, which is what I was referring to. .