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Shooting a flintlock for the first time ever today

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First and foremost, it was really fun to shoot a flintlock. I set up a target and a couple cans at 25 yards. Couldn't hit the cans for manure and was all over the target. In my defense I've never been a good shot with a gun and other than plinking chipmunks with a bb gun in the backyard I never shoot iron sights nor do I ever shoot freehandView attachment 218193. Any tips on making the front sight easier to see? The light colored front sight is basically just a blur when I look down the barrel with or without my glasses on. I'm thinking of hitting with Jax or black nail polish to help it stand out. I also found out that I suffer from "flintlock flinch" so I'll need to work on that. I had a couple misfires but fixed it by flipping the flint over but overall the rifle performed great and once I get over some operator errors it should be a tack driver.
Do not fear the rock. Roll when she goes. The ball will get there don't push it. Hornbender Indiana
Other than a couple little spots I need to touch up with some oil I finished my SMR last night and now I'm just waiting for the mail lady to deliver my case from Unique and then I'm gonna head out and shoot it. This will be my first time ever shooting my own build and first time ever shooting a flintlock. I'm not gonna fuss with load development or really tinker with sighting it in, I'm just gonna set up some cans, maybe shoot this month's online challenge, and just have some fun shooting from the bag. I'll get in on some bags on a bench later but today I just want to enjoy the process of shooting a flintlock.
I've got the powder horn full, I made a antler short starter and a patch knife, my bag is loaded up with .311 balls, .018 pillow ticking, all the ramrod accessories, couple spare flints, vent pick and powder measure. I've got eye and ear protection as well as cleaning patches. I made a 15 grain antler powder measure and plan just shoot 15 all afternoon.

Am I missing anything? Any tips or tricks you guys have for a first time shooter?View attachment 217969
Well how was it?
When I fired my kibler colonial flintlock rifle last Sunday for the first time, I had a **** eating grin on my face. SHEEEECH, KABOOM.
It was to cool.
Had 1 flash in the pan, due to probably user error. Out of about 20 shots. The priming powder was getting low in my primer.
Mine in the natural sunlight
She gets a little dirty after 15 rounds but still goes off everytime.


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