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Repurposing a Dog Show Grooming Box

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Feb 13, 2022
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A little story ...

My wife and I are Alaskan Malamute breeders, and have been for a very long time. When you show dogs you collect a lot of things, that you bought and thought would work out well, but don't. Then those things hang around, not being used either until you give it away, or throw it away. So it was with a wooden Dog Show Grooming box we bought about a decade ago. The reason we dropped it from out gear was the weight. Which leads me to my little side project.

I have a 20" x 9" x 9" wooden art box I use as my Black Powder range box. It's seen better days, and I was thinking about building a custom box, as not only is the old one getting ratty, but it's proving to be too small for all the varied muzzle loaders I shoot. I happened to be in the garage one day and noticed the box up on a high shelf. For a few days that box kept coming to mind as the ideas flooded in of how I could convert it to better use. I already had the external and internal dimensions in my head, and was in a dollar store and saw a silverware drawer organizer that would fit inside perfectly. That came home with me.

So looking at the box and how the tray rails were situated, I decided two 2-1/4" deep drawers would hold my tools if they were the depth of the box front to back. Also, by adding the drawer section to the middle, I could easily store 5# of powder on one side, and all my larger range items on the other side of the drawer enclosure, all my tools in the drawers, and targets in the sliding door area of the lid where leashes were once kept. And of course my wife came down into the shop and nonchalantly says, "Hmmm, are you going to flock the bottoms of those drawers and the tray?" Damn, she's queued up another step in this project. LOL Just a few more coats of BLO and she'll be ready to hit the range. So enough said of all this, I'll get to the pictures ...


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Jul 15, 2019
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Tyrone , Pa. 16686
In the mid 1970's , went to an Amish yard sale. There it sat , an Amish made buggy tool box. Was made of wains coat , over a light weight wood frame. Box had a hinged lid with a lift out tray , sectioned into compartments. Best of all , it was 18" by 12 " by 14" deep , and old. In the '70's , M/L rifle competition's , were what I was doing. Everywhere I attended a shoot , my box went with me , and was always under the offhand loading bench. When my match shooting ended , the box is still a "go to" storage for all the stuff needed to supply a m/l rifle.
I have an addiction for small wooden boxes I can use for storing m/l supplies. If somebody needs a box , I pass one on . ......oldwood