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It was made as a black powder substitute. It was originally about the same price or maybe cheaper than black powder.
It was Hodgens way of getting in the muzzleloading community. While it was somewhat successful with percussion guns. They really come into play with the unmentionable ml'ers and making pellets, then 777.
I have used Pyrodex with great success! That was until I became a member here and was told to throw it all away, burn it, bury it, but never, ever put it in your guns!
Too each his own I guess. I have Swiss FFF royal black that I save for my flint guns, Pyrodex and Triple 7 for my cap guns, and have had good luck with all. Proper loading and cleaning go a long way in successfully using BP substitute's.
Do you know that the man who invented Pyrodex died in a Plant explosion many moons ago.
A word to the wise should be sufficient!


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