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    It's been awhile since have posted on the forum. Trying to post a few pictures of my work. But I find photobucket charges for their service now.. Is there a free photo posting sight
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    With the new forum software, there is no need to use a photo hosting site like Photobucket. You can upload your pictures right here.

    When you are writing your post, look for the blue button that says, "Upload a File".
    If you click on it, the forum will open a little window that can access the files on your computer or smart phone.
    It might show your photo file area but if it doesn't, you can navigate to wherever your picture is by using the path at the top.

    When you find the picture you want, click on it to highlight it. Then, poke the "Open" button.

    Poking it will upload your picture into your writing area at the bottom of the screen.
    Notice, there are two buttons next to the little thumbnail picture. One says Thumbnail and one says Full Image.

    If you click on the Thumbnail, when you finally post your reply a little thumbnail image will show in your post.
    Anyone who clicks on that image will end up with a full size view of the picture on their screen.

    If you choose the Full Image button, the picture will show full size in your post.
    I used the Full Image button on this one.

    Of course, if you do have pictures on a Photo site, you can still insert them the way you used to do it. There is a little Image button above the writing window.
    This is my TC with the Pecatonica River stock they offer. I have it stored on Flickr.

    If you upload your pictures directly to our site, they should be smaller than 4 megs. but I suggest that you reduce their file size to something like 1 meg or smaller. All of that super detailed image data can't show on a computer screen so it is useless to anyone viewing it.

    Have fun. :)
    You can upload up to 10 pictures.

    If you use the Thumbnail method your picture will look like the one below.
    Click on it to open it.

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