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Dec 20, 2022
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York, PA
Figured someone you may enjoy seeing this project. Rice barrel 42 inch, Brooks Lock Castings, Brass was sandcasted by me, rest of the hardware was either cut or forged. It’s not perfect, I definitely plan on working on my engravings skills in the future.

I build primarily to tell the story of my ancestors through living history.

Hope you enjoy!


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Damn, that’s about as good as it gets! I think you did a great job! looks fantastic! If you don’t mind me asking, what did you use for your finish? I’m about to finish up a rifle myself really like the way you’re finished came out.
I appreciate the kind words. But I have a lot to learn still. Main goal now is to improve with an emphasis in engraving practice.

that is great work. how difficult is it to get started casting brass?
I did a YouTube video of my casting experience.

I built a cope and drag box, and got a home foundry that runs on propane. I’m still learning—it’s a alot to learn from temperature of the brass adding zing, the vents, gates, and pour spouts. The tiniest changes can greatly affect the outcome. And since I only have one cope and drag box at the moment, when I have an unsuccessful pour it really hits home. So my goal is to build a few more boxes or look at investment casting. I’m gonna experiment more in the spring. The but plate is definitely the hardest to cast in my opinion.