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Finished my Traditions Kentucky rifle kit

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*I also posted this in the flintlock forum, so I hope it's okay to also post it here since people on both forums helped along the way.*

Here's my recently finished Traditions Kentucky rifle; this is my first kit build and my first flintlock. It was a fun project and I'm happy with the final results. I wasn't going for the artistic look with engraving and inlays, but wanted more of a "poor boy" look ; that every day working rifle of the poor settler or trapper. All the brass was darkened with cold blue and the barrel was browned with LMF browning solution . The stock was finished with a couple coats of BC Walnut stain and topped with a couple coats of hand rubbed Minwax Antique Oil finish , which gave me that satin low sheen look I was going for. The faux color hardening on the lock was removed and blued to a dark black color.
I ditched the brass spacer and used a six inch section of 1/2" aluminum tubing along with the two pins to join the stocks. Drilled out the ramrod hole slightly on both pieces and pressed in the tube . Also plugged and redrilled for the two pins to get a better fit and alignment. Used some Woodtite glue to hold together for a very solid once piece stock. I plugged and redrilled the nose cap holes to line up with the threaded holes in the barrel and got a perfect fit.

If I had any complaints about the kit it would be ,
1. the screws are made of butter. Seriously these have to be the softest screws I've ever worked with, so care must be taken not to strip threads or damage the slot.
2. the stock being beech was difficult to stain and had a horrible grain pattern. I get that it's a bottom tier kit but that wood was a challenge to get close to the look I wanted.

On the range , after some trail and error, I got it firing 100% with 2f in the pan and barrel. 50 gr. of Goex with a PRB produced one ragged hole at 25 yds. and about 2" at 50 yds. Given the crude sight and my pathetic eyesight, more than impressed. It did hit about 4 1/2" high at 50, so I will be fabricating a new taller front blade.

In all I'm quite pleased and want to thank everyone who offer advice and information along the way. In my lifetime I have shot belt feed machine guns, sub guns, 50 cal BMG and cannon size revolvers and nothing has compared to the rush of firing that flintlock. It was a most unique experience.

Here's a picture, please excuse the poor photo quality with my potato camera, it does look better than the picture .
View attachment 138207
Is the traditions flinter have an unbridled frizzen?