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Most accurate flintlock rifle you own

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Mine is my .58 Renegade with a barrel made by Bob Hoyt. It has a 1:66 twist 32" and a T/C lock that has been with me for 30 years. Its been on a few different flinters because it is the fastest lock I've ever seen from T/C. That lock besides being fast I took apart and polished all the surface contacts coupled with the way I have the trigger set help a lot in the accuracy dept.
This is a composite of the targets shot with the rifle I had posted about sometime back but somehow deleted I will repost the original photo as well. Did not realize it was that far back. Time sure flies these days. Easy to see when the wind changed. There were flags out too but RBs are really susceptible to wind even at 60 yards. This was plank rest. Which is not as good as a chunk or good bench. I was used in the past especially in winter. We had some shooters you had trouble getting up from prone so the plank rest was the go to option. One match came up before I got the carving done and finish. Only one of me shooting the rifle.

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