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March 2023 Postal Target

Muzzleloading Forum

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I got home from our winter Woods-Walk match Sunday. Refilled my horn and ball bag and headed up the creek to shoot the postal match. My wife just looked at that me like, "Are you seriously going shooting again?"
Standing behind the 58colonial all day makes me think maybe I need to buy a squirrel rifle for some of these contests..hahaha

I printed 2 chances.. was more pleased with the group on the lower scoring target, so I posted a picture of both.

The side match started off fantastic, then I had to shoot that third shot and messed it all up. 😁 Still very happy with my big elk rifle.

I still had a handful of balls left so I decided to shoot one more target just for fun... now if I could only shoot like this during an actual match!

25 yards offhand
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The weather kinda cooperated a little today. Temp wasn’t too bad, but had to put up with it misting and blowing a little. Had a better score than I anticipated.
Thanks for putting on these monthly shoots. Can’t wait to see what the Easter bunny will bring.


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Not very good. Rifle is pretty new and I have not adjusted sights yet. Also shot this after shooting for several hours and was getting tired. Enough of excuses. 😀

Score of 27. Edit: forgot to subtract other shots. Score of 20.

Edit 2: after reviewing others rescored and came up with a score of 37.
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Not very good. Rifle is pretty new and I have not adjusted sights yet. Also shot this after shooting for several hours and was getting tired. Enough of excuses. 😀

Score of 27. Edit: forgot to subtract other shots. Score of 20.

Edit 2: after reviewing others rescored and came up with a score of 37.
I agree - 37 is the score! Hope to get out next week to shoot this one. Thanks for posting!
Well guys, I just didn't get it done this month and with winds gusting to 60mph or more today it looks like my target would be in the next county before I got a shot off. Go figure, tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful though!

Last day of the month and last minute preparation!! Had to redo the bedding block under the breech and polish out some rusty bits in the bore last night. Had a few ml sceptics watching today. According to them, if it doesn’t come out of a brass cartridge, break the hypersonic barrier and give them a sore shoulder it can’t possibly hit anything. Amazing what Adrenalin does when you have an audience like that. Downside is that they still think the only thing an ml is good for is as a fence post but then……what do we know ?
Wish I could find some of the 50m PL7 targets we used to shoot in the good old days when my eyes and arms were stronger.


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I like peanut butter and it liked me back this month.

The target choices are really something as usual.


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I shot a target on Friday and finally have a few free minutes to post. I put new sights on the SMR and after fiddling around with them for awhile I got it shooting close, but still need to tweak them a little. Was running out of time so shot the target quickly and didn’t do too well. I can’t add either as I put 42 on the target but it should be a 52.

Good news is my rifle loaded easily through @25 shots, I didn’t have to touch the flint and it went bang every time.

Going to try shooting the April target before the end of the month sneaks up on me!


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i didn't post a target as none of the 3 i tried were fit to be seen (i would have done better loading 10 loose balls in the barrel and firing ) I'm going to claim old age. but i truly love the blank 3 shot target idea lets keep it up! waiting for aprils target. just an idea the high score posts the next months target ( nothing that has already been used in the last year )
I shot the target, but wasn't too proud of it. I really am having trouble seeing the sights on my SMR.

Maybe the next one will be better.
I replaced the sights on my SMR with taller front and rear - just couldn't see the sights that came with the kit - too narrow and low for me...
Which ones did you get, if you don't mind me asking? Did they require much fitting?
Here are the links from Track of the Wolf:

Front Sight: Square Blade Front Sight, wax cast nickel silver - Track of the Wolf
Rear Sight: Rear sight, Tall Pennsylvania style for 13/16" or 7/8" octagon barrels, wax cast steel - Track of the Wolf

The front sight was an almost perfect fit in the front dovetail. The rear sight is too long and I had to cut it down and refile the dovetail angle to fit the rear slot - took me about 15 minutes to do this. I also opened up the rear notch to allow a little more daylight on either side of the front blade. Made the sights much easier to see for me!

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