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Lil Debbie got a new ramrod!

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Jun 11, 2009
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Fair Grove, MO

I'm taking Lil Debbie to Mexico this coming April to hunt Gould's turkeys with her. I finally had a chance to go to the range last week to do some pattern work and ended up breaking her dang ramrod! I was not surprised, since something ALWAYS goes wrong when I tote a gun to the range. So, anyway, I didn't want to be in the same bind on my trip so I finished up a new ramrod for her yesterday and then made an extra for "just in case". Now I need to get back to the range to finish getting her patterned.



Personally I'd make sure my loading never put stress on the rammer.

Some shotguns have really thin rammers, no way are they going to tackle them dumb nitro cards and fibre wads.
My problem occurred when I was cleaning a barrel in the field. My ramrod got stuck and when I grabbed the end with some pliers to get a better grip, I broke the end of the ramrod off. I didn't bring any cleaning oil with me to loosen the stuck rod, so I had to head back to the house to take care of everything there.