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    • TCMonts
      TCMonts reacted to smo's post in the thread .45 Caliber: Deer? with Like Like.
      It like a harmonic balancer ….I’m told.👍 Plus it forces me too raise my fat head and not shoot low…..😎
    • TCMonts
      TCMonts replied to the thread .45 Caliber: Deer?.
      I would respectively disagree that 45 cal muzzle loading rifle can' match a 45-70. A closed breach and a 405g slug pack a lot more power...
    • TCMonts
      TCMonts reacted to Moleman's post in the thread Who can relate with Haha Haha.
      Two weeks ago this was a well organized work bench but after several gun projects and accessory projects it is total chaos. I blame it...
    • TCMonts
      TCMonts reacted to rusticbob's post in the thread Pyrodex with Like Like.
      I have used Pyrodex with great success! That was until I became a member here and was told to throw it all away, burn it, bury it, but...
    • TCMonts
      TCMonts reacted to Mogadishu Meanderer's post in the thread Wad punch / drill with Like Like.
      I am not getting your angle here and apologize for that. Felt is a generic term nowadays, it was originally made out of 100% wool, now...
    • TCMonts
      TCMonts reacted to Timber Wolf's post in the thread Wad punch / drill with Like Like.
      I started with the HF set and have augmented those with more in-between sizes off fleabay. I have even bought “metric” sizes to get...
    • TCMonts
      TCMonts replied to the thread Buckeye Carbine.
      Looks like a handy little rifle for a climbing or ladder stand. I like the looks of the single trigger.
    • TCMonts
      TCMonts replied to the thread Wm Turvey Rifle.
      A good looking g gun. You know we all want to see some closeups o f how it loads.
    • TCMonts
      TCMonts reacted to Tom A Hawk's post in the thread Let's talk BALLS! with Like Like.
      I cast mine own .490's for .50 caliber rifles. I've have great success with both Lyman and RCBS molds. And I'll also mention that my...
    • TCMonts
      I've got several. When these were made, choke wasn't "invented" yet. However, there was some attempt to make the pattern a certain...
    • TCMonts
      TCMonts replied to the thread Pedersoli 12ga question..
      Use an aproprietly sized mop, anything else is just asking for trouble.
    • TCMonts
      TCMonts reacted to Trigger's post in the thread Pedersoli 12ga question. with Like Like.
      I don't use any brushes in any muzzloader since I used one.. lol I put a brush down a tc.. it got stuck bad, there no good.. I've never...
    • TCMonts
      TCMonts reacted to Sparkitoff's post in the thread Pedersoli 12ga question. with Like Like.
      Boiling water seems to work if it is pumped through the nipple hole rapidly.
    • TCMonts
      TCMonts replied to the thread Lil Debbie got a new ramrod!.
      All with you on the "just incase" but if I was on a trip like that I'd have 2 spares.
    • TCMonts
      TCMonts reacted to PEARL DRUMS's post in the thread Round ball and blood trails with Like Like.
      Where you hunt matters. Northern deer grow a lot more hair and a lot thicker hair that acts as a sponge. I've shot deer that left...
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