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Lead could dissolve a marriage

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40 Cal
Jan 24, 2020
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New Zealand
Wife came home from work last night and said to me Guess what one of the girls at work threw out that belonged to her husband. She had decided to have a clean out of the garage and along with the rubbish out went a full bucket of lead, apparently she could only just move it, it was the only lead he had. My understanding is he wasn`t very happy about it. The words he was Very angry were mentioned. Sent my wife off to work this morning with a 25lb bar of lead and a sympathy card,,,, Have never met the guy but hope it helps.
I blame both (but her more than him.) If there was better communication, she would have known what was in that bucket and what it was for.

I recall when my mother had a drawer with a couple dozen bottlecaps. My father tossed them without asking why she had them. Her being upset is an understatement.

"And that's when I stabbed her, your honor..."

My buddy's wife re-organized his reloading bench because she thought it was too cluttered. Nothing was sold or thrown out, but it took him weeks to find everything again.

Once again, I'm going to buy my wife flowers for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

As my hands lose more and more strength and dexterity she helps out with assembling trigger groups or whatever other spring-loaded machines of the devil are currently tormenting me.

Two weeks ago she reminded me to take enough cash to the gun show so if I found a Charleville, an 1803 Harper's Ferry and an 1861 Springfield I could make a better deal.

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