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    • Trooper
      Trooper replied to the thread sherwood park trail.
      My wife and I would need to travel from Bruderheim to the range.. I'm thinking that the travel alone makes the membership prohibitive...
    • Trooper
      Trooper reacted to Nwtradegunner's post in the thread sherwood park trail with Like Like.
      It’s about the same situation with a bunch of us: some joined Camrose, some joined Tofield and I joined Algonquin Shooting Sports out at...
    • Trooper
      Trooper replied to the thread How old are ya?.
      I'll be 68 November 1st. I'm a newbee in muzzle loading, on and off since 1990ish. I recently purchased my first Sharps falling block...
    • Trooper
      Trooper replied to the thread Blackfoot Warrior Photo.
      I have Manitoba Swampy Cree in my heritage and also googled chants from split lake, Manitoba where my ancestors come from. They are very...
    • Trooper
      So what sized wad would be best for a 45 cal bore? Trying to locate a 45 cal wad cutter in these parts is next to impossible could I use...
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