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SOLD "Huron Horn" Powderhorn #46

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Nov 11, 2011
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Surry County, North Carolina
My "Huron Horn" (#46) is done. Its a left carry, measuring 14" long, with a simply carved Poplar base plug measuring 2.5" wide and 3"high.
This is a "Lobed" horn, named for the extension at the base where the carry strap attaches to the horn. This style was used in the 1750's period in North America, when later horns used nails, staples or pegs for strap attachments.
I included the names of the tribes that inhabited the Lake Huron area, and included some figures strolling about the territory. I like how it came out; I even signed and dated it.
Perfect to accompany your Fusil de Chasse or Fusil Fin :thumb:
Asking $480 plus $10 shipping/Insurance.


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Apr 8, 2023
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I make plain horns here in Indiana, and I make flat primer horns. That horn far surpasses any horn that I make or have seem in a long time. Wow what a piece of art.
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