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Apr 13, 2024
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Hello, All
Looking to purchase this Italian Colt replica. Looks rough on the outside (To me) but owner says unfired and everything tight. Just been banging around since his father purchased it.
Only seen photos will be able to look at it in person before purchase. Any idea value and manufacture? I plan on buying to shoot. Don't know anything about percussion revolvers (Yet)

Someone's "project" gun. Non-original front sight, attempt at customizing the grip and what looks like a brass frame. First time you shoot it, the loading lever will probably fall down, rammer may go into a chamber, and the Indians will have your hair hanging from a lodge pole.

To me, it might turn into an interesting but hard to resell thing that I would never get around to finishing. Thus, I also would pass, even if it were REALLY cheap ($50).
They might have some custom holder upper for the rammer in there. A Walker style or something you dont see in pic.
Agreed with the $50.

If you want something to just play with as an experiential aspect (say playing with shims and arbor stuff), it might be worth a few bucks but........

If you want a gun that has shooting value, then not at all. Have to wonder what other stuff was done to it.

Finish was removed or it was in a sack on the side of a horse and rubbed off.
Not a replica of anything. Has an 1851 Colt barrel and 1860 cylinder. Grips look like 1851 also. The frame is 1860 civilian style, but they were never made in brass. Depends on brand, the barrel can be replaced. Barrels are about $65 up. Some with loading levers and others without. If it functions as it should, $125 and up.
It should have three clicks. Half cock, cylinder lock and full cock. Fully cock it slow and lower hammer manually. Notice rotation of cylinder. Then cock it a little faster. It won't hurt it to dry fire it once. Just don't make a habit of it. It will peen the nipples/cap cones.
Hope this helps.
I would guess to each his own. Depending on price, I wouldn't mind having it.
This one was found in an attic. EIG junk. Its now a Griswold and Gunnison.
Hope you don't mind me adding to your post. Just sharing.


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I definitely would pass on this revolver. There is just an oddness to it overall. As mentioned, the sight, rammer, brass frame and the finish looks not quite right. My revolvers from 1959 and 1960’s have been fired a lot, but they don’t look like that one. Pass.