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1851 Pietta Sheriff’s Model

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Jul 25, 2021
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East Northport NY or Marlow NH
I purchased a Taylors Pietta 44 cal import about 2 years back. I have not done the typical deburring and polishing. Though it does need especially the hand slot; It’s pretty rough and of all the revolvers I have this is the roughest but it turned well. So I figured I’d shoot it as is less swapping out the nipples with Slixshot nipples. I install them on all my revolvers right wrong or indifferent never had a problem. So after the first six shots everything was fine but after the next shots I noticed i was having a problem seating the primers didn’t think much about until the next time I went to shoot it and no way was I getting a primer on any of the nipples. I thought it might be the primers at first as I switched over from Remington to RWS. So I thought I was dreaming when I noticed that all the nipples appeared swollen LOL. So I pulled the original nipples out to compare the height to another new set of slixshots. The nipples are the same height standing on edge and the seat area is the same. So I pull out another colt that performs great. The spacing of the cylinder on the sheriffs model is closer to the frame than any of my other Colts. I was thinking the hammer face may be too deep. I think if I throw the stock original nipples back in it will work a bit longer I think those nipples are harder than the stainless used for the Slixshot nipples but I have other revolvers to shoot so I’m not too concerned with it. So in the end of this long winded writing I am not looking for how to fix it but mostly if anyone else has ever ran into this with their Pietta revolvers. There’s no gap nice tight fit between the cone and the cylinder and as mentioned it turns nicely; timing needs a little work. I’ve had it almost two years and am going to send it back to Taylors as I purchased many revolvers from them over the years and they seem to be very customer friendly. It’s got maybe 36 rounds through it. I have gotten lazy and don’t feel like fussing with it though I would like it to function. So it’s really not about the nipples even though they took a beating from the hammer it’s about a poorly fitting cylinder id say or other. I don’t have any other piettas to compare it to. Removing some material off the face of the hammer will probably correct it but does anyone reface the hammer to save the nipples? Thanks!!