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Feb 11, 2023
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Hello all,

My name is Leo, from NJ. (Thank you for your condolences).

I'm not new to muzzle loading but I am new to the forum obviously. I'm 50 YO retired ASE Master tech/truck driver and a Volunteer Firefighter for over 25 years and took a Gunsmithing class just for personal purposes, not as a career or side gigs but just to learn how much i didnt know about various firearms. I've used blackpowder long guns but recently became interested in collecting cowboy style revolvers so, I started out with an 1860 Army Colt I found never fired for a ridiculously low price at an estate sale and figured I'd better find a group of experienced people to annoy with a bunch of questions about the ins and outs of experimenting with loads, bullets and other stuff only seasoned black powder enthusiasts could teach me VIA experience that isn't found in books. Looking foward to meeting you all and enjoying good conversations & learning opportunities.
Okay, so that's my introductory novel. Happy to be here!
If there's any fellow NJ guys/gals, I'm from the South-Western most part of BurlingtonCounty, litteraly the last town on the river before Camden County. Feel free to ask about any places you might want info on in the area if youre not local to me and I'll be happy to share as much info as I can.
Welcome, from North Carolina! Never be shy about asking questions on here (but I would advising searching the forum first to make sure the answer isn’t already out there two times…😎)

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