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Frizzen roller bearing

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Dec 21, 2020
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I'm in need of a frizzen roller bearing for an early "Turner Kirkland lock, I tried Dixie gun works but they don't have any.
If anyone knows of a alternative place to find one it would be appreciated.
You might also try the Log Cabin Shop.
Couldn't get hold of TOW so I took your advice, very nice folks there at the Log Cabin Shop. Talked to one of their gunsmiths he said he would have to dig around in some bins and he would call back.
Took about 15 minutes they had two different sizes so I bought one of each. I gave him the measurements and he was pretty sure one of them would work even though they are from Davis locks, he said the chances of finding an original for a Turner Kirkland of that age would be near impossible.
This rifle to the best I've researched was made in 1956, the first run of Kirkland's .40s. I don't think this gun has ever been fired there are no marks on the frizzen at all. It simply sat around until the roller seized up and someone kept cocking it until there was a flat spot on the roller.
.45 Turner Kirkland made in Belgium


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The only problem I have with the Log Cabin is every time I go there I leave broke, and have even went home for more money!

From the mid 70's onward, I made a point to detour there on my way to the Nationals at Camp Perry. I always took JUST the money I could afford to spend in the shop (which was not much in those days) and once I spent it, I had to leave. A couple of years at the Nationals, though, I sold something I didn't need so I would stop AGAIN at their shop on my way back to Va. :D