Finished Beaver Tail skinning knife.

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Two Feathers

45 Cal.
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Apr 14, 2008
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Berwick, Pa. Columbia county
Howdy folks, Two Feathers here:
Just wanted to "show of" my newest creation? I know this isn't your average knife design;
- but I designed it for a specific purpose...skinning.
I had made another one previously, but there were a few "cosmetic" and functional issues.
So with some input from another member, I tweaked it until we both liked it.
This one isn't up for sale since that member already offered to buy it. I just wanted to show it off.
This one has a Black real tanned Beaver Tail leather for a front cover, unlike the last one which had a Tobacco Brown front cover.
Also this one has a retention strap and snap to provide loss protection, as requested.
It has a folded belt loop which will accommodate a belt that it 2-3/4" wide.
The loop has been riveted down for strength and security. The whole sheath (except for the Beaver Tail cover) is Chocolate Brown.
The entire sheath; except the Beaver Tail cover, is crafted from 5 oz. vegetable tanned, top quality cow hide.
The snap is Black and all the rivets are Antique Nickel. It has been hand saddle stitched for long life with a single 8 foot piece of thread.
The sheath itself is 7/16" thick, with all burnished edges.
Please let me know what you think?
God bless:
Two Feathers