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WITHDRAWN Final Price drop! Hege-Siber .33cal Gold Medal Edition Target Pistol Cased Set

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Oct 17, 2006
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What I have for sale today is a .33 caliber Hege-Siber percussion target pistol gold medal edition cased set made for the French Shooting Federation. This pistol is in unfired condition and the case has the brass plaque of the U.S. Historical Society.
There is some history here. In the 1850s Swiss Watch and Gunmaker and accomplished pistol shooter Jeanne Siber designed a pistol that swept the competition of the day. Originals were used to good effect in MLAIC competition. Sometime in the late 1970s to early 1980s the MLAIC opened competition to allow some authentic reproductions. The German firm of Hege chose to reproduce exactly Siber's pistol including the features as short throw fast lock time, single set trigger, breeching system, rifling system and elevation adjustable rear and windage front sights. The MLAIC approved the Hege-Siber for competition and for a number of years, until the upsurge of the underhammers, was the pistol to beat in the Kuchenruetter match.
The basic pistol was sold in the U.S. by Beeman's. A fancy cased set was brought out by Hege after the French, early on, won gold at the MLAIC with the Hege-Siber. This set was only available in Europe until the U.S. Historical Society, never one to miss an opportunity, bought up 500 sets and marketed them in the U.S. as an instant collectable at $3000 a set. A lot of money in 1980s dollars.
This is one of those sets. All the Society did was put a brass plaque on the lid of the case made for the French shooting federation. The pistol is more ornate than the basic pistol with the gold inlay and comes with the accessories shown. It has the Hege trademark and German proofs on the underside of the barrel.
I am asking $1575 plus shipping anywhere in the CONUS it is legal to ship to. Payment by postal money order or personal check with time to clear.
Price drop $1400 plus shipping.
Final price drop. $1200 plus shipping.


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Nov 21, 2008
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What is in the drawstring bag? How long is the barrel? How much does the gun weigh? Thanks I have a kuchenreuter but’s it too heavy for me.
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