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WITHDRAWN Final Price reduction! Pedersoli Tatham & Egg Flintlock Smooth Bore Match Pistol

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Oct 17, 2006
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I have for sale a unfired example of Pedersoli's Tatham & Egg flintlock match pistol.This one is smoothbore and while labeled as a .45 the bore diameter is actually metric and measures U.S. as .464. Making the commonly available .451 or .457 round ball depending on your choice of patch ideal.
Here is what the MLAIC had to say about the pistol:
"A beautiful reproduction of a pistol created by a cooperation between Joseph Egg and Henry Tatham, famous London gunsmiths. the captivating style of the stock is emphasized by the quite marked lateral line, while the ergonomic development of the grip enables precise hand placement resulting in the pistol staying aligned with the wrist. equipped with an adjustable rear sight and set trigger, the barrel is PMG quality, brown color finish. With walnut stock and case hardened metal parts.“
This is ideal for the Compinazzo discipline and has already taken gold in that match. Although listed as having an adjustable rear sight Pedersoli modified it to meet the MLAIC rule that flintlock pistols not have sights that are adjustable on the fly. To adjust the rear sight you need to remove the barrel and then the tang and the sight is adjusted from underneath the tang. Not as hard as it sounds as the barrel is hook breeched and the tang has only one screw.
The particulars of this pistol are weight 2lbs 5oz, barrel length 10in, OAL 15in. Pedersoli lists this as having a premium barrel and inspection shows it has been precicely honed. The touchole is bushed and the lock is fast and has a safety on the half cock notch it takes a 5/8 flint and throws a shower of sparks. The trigger is single set double acting meaning it can fire the lock either set or unset. Unset pull is 3lb and currently set is 4oz and is secure at that weight. All metal parts are color case hardened except the barrel which is browned. The barrel has a knock style hook breech and is held in place by one wedge.
Overall condition with the exception that the frizzen shows that it has been sparked is like new with no detractions. Feel free to ask any questions. This pistol is currently only in stock at Midway at somewhat over $1600. I am asking $975 for this one plus postage anywhere in the CONUS it is legal to ship to. Payment by postal money order or personal check with time to clear.
Price reduction $900 plus shipping!
Final price reduction $780 plus shipping.


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