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WITHDRAWN CVA 12ga sxs percussion $575 shipped or trade for 1858 carbine

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Nov 11, 2020
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Have a nice CVA percussion side by side double 12ga for sale. This one is slightly different from others, it has browned barrels and tang (they were blued, but not great, so I had them browned). Has grizzly bear engraved locks like the Express rifle instead of the normal geese on shotguns and has gold triggers. Smooth cylinder bore barrels. Comes with a bag of overshot cards and wads each. I bought this from an older gentleman in East TN, who used to produce hunting videos for local television. He said that CVA sent them this shotgun to do a squirrel hunting segment in the 80's for local television. I've never fired it, he said it had only been fired a couple times from them. $575 shipped and insured in contiguous US. Would also be interested in trading for an 1858 Remington Uberti carbine in .44 cal. Thanks for your time and consideration. I had previous trades on here a few years ago, but don't know what happened to the feedback. Can email or text more photos. Thanks for your time and consideration, Justin.


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