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Correcting point of balance

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Jul 26, 2022
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Recently started building a Scottish Herron butt and it’s moving along well but I’ve come into an issue with the weight. I’m using a .50 colerain barrel that starts as 15/16 hexagonal and then transitions to the wedding band then a straight round. The stock is hard maple and it already weights a ton. Trying to shoulder it is very hard. It isn’t completely thinned down yet but even once it is I still feel like it’ll be very front heavy which I don’t want. I have heavy guns as is but I feel like this thing is going to rival my sharps in terms of weight. Any ideas to move the point of balance closer to me? I debated casting lead into a cavity in the stock but I’m sure that’ll destroy the stock because of the heat. Thanks!
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I use the lead shot idea in modern shotguns. It works. I don’t know much about the Scottish guns, but I was under the impression all woodwork was slimmed down to a minimum, a slim fore end may help balance. Or just carry a musket rest….😀

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