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'Cap Full of Luck'

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Jun 17, 2019
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Caps! Caps! By dumb luck, stumbled upon the only dealer who had Caps at my area's large regional gun show. Had a dozen or or so blister packs of CCI's @ $15. ea. I got four. I note that CCI is a division of Speer in Idaho! He did say he can't get #10, but I was OK with the #11's. The day of ten dollar caps seems to be in the rear-view mirror.
So are the days of the $1 caps. It doesnt seem that long ago I could get all I wanted for that or less after season at walmart. Now they dont even get them in.
I saw caps at my usual go to gun store for instore sales only last week were reduced from $12.99 to $9,99 for #11 standard CCI. Perhaps that is a good sign for the price gouging to be coming down. Thanks to this forum I read last fall that Walmart was in stock, so I went to several that carried muzzleloader supplies and bought 24 tins for $5.62 ea. I bet they still made money on them and were not allowed to price gouge, but I bet they will cost more next fall when they stock up for hunting season.