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WITHDRAWN Canoe Gun, 'In the White' $1495.00 Delivered.

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Dec 5, 2022
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Cook Forest, Pa.
This musket was sent to me by a fellow who bought it as a kit. I reckon he thought he could sit in front of the TV and snap it together. EEEEHHHH. :doh:
Well, as y'all know, not happening. When I received it was buggered up. While I was working on it, he called and said he bought a finished gun and to sell it for him. SOOOO, here it is.

This musket is now assembled correctly and is ready to shoot as is. Here's the rundown.
Barrel is unmarked, 28" long, octagon the round which mics out to .532 at the muzzle. Smoothbore.
The LOP is currently 13 3/4". The butt plate is intentionally uninstalled. You can decide your LOP and whether you want this butt plate, a different BP or any BP at all.
Total length is 42 1/2".
The front sight is a steel turtle solder on.
The stock is a M2 - M3 Sugar Maple stock with loose even curl which seems to go the full length of the stock.
I left the nose unfinished so you can shape it to your liking.
The lock is the, ever reliable, L&R Queen Anne Lock'. I added a flint that was hand knapped in the 1700's.
I drilled the touch hole in the perfect 'Sunrise Position" and in coned for quick ignition.
Steel furniture, i.e., trigger guard and thimbles.
This musket has a single trigger which I positioned for a very easy touch off.
3/8" Hickory ramrod with threaded brass ramrod tip.
Included are a steel fowler butt plate and side plate, a brass poor boy side plate, a cleaning jag and screws for the butt plate. The brass side plate is not inletted.

$1495.00 Delivered.

This is going to make an excellent musket when completed. Semper Fi.






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