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As another year passes...

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Feb 28, 2007
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I get this year's goose with a muzzloader, again, I am delighted to say.
A goodly skein fast on the wind and a little higher than I like!
The 10g was loaded with 100gn of 4f, yes that's correct 4f, and 2oz of #3 tungsten matrix.
Two thin cards and one thin leather as a wad.
Before I left home I popped a cap on a rodded patch per barrel for good measure. I do not store my muzzloaders with oil so was confident of ignition.
So the first smaller skein as I feared got blown wide by the wind but the larger skein behind was looking good in the failing light but was also a little lower!
They were so fast I had to shoot early and the bird did indeed react as though shot but did not fall!
Instinctively I swung through the same bird now directly overhead and fired to witness the same bird fold up and plummet to the ground thirty yards behind me!
That 10g and fine powder gets some horsepower up!

I feel a meatloaf a coming up....
Thank you Lord.
Oct 28, 2018
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Brit, they make good pastrami also, my buddy has a killer recipe for goose breast in a cranberry sauce sliced thin over wild rice, also. I will perhaps get an invite this year to the eastern shore for a day of gunning Canada geese, was asked if I wanted to get in on the goose club pit lease, but I live too far away to be worth the cost, and then later in the year head up to the Delaware line for snows. Right now, getting ready for a Wyoming Antelope/Mule deer hunt leave in eleven days. It's getting to be the most wonderful time of the year around here, GOOD GUNNING.