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SOLD .58 caliber iron mounted Virginia Flintlock

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Aug 29, 2020
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For sale is an iron mounted gun I built last year. It was someones abandoned project so I had to rebuild the lock and add a couple repairs. Specs are as follows
40" oct/rnd J.C. Kerr barrel. 6 equal width lands and grooves 1-60 or 1-66 twist...I haven't carefully measured it.
Bud Siler lock that I rebuilt and reshaped the plate on....fast and a really fantastic sparker.
plain maple stock.
Iron hardware
White lightnin touch hole liner
poured pewter nose cap
The copper wrist repair is fake....the staples behind the cheekpiece are not...the blank has a drying check running behind the cheekpiece. I made the copper staples out of some old wire.
I also had to put a dutchmans plug in behind the cock...see pics.

The only issue and the reason I'm selling this rifle for this cheap is this barrel has some tooling chatter marks near the muzzle. They don't cut patches and have no effect on accuracy or cleaning...they're very shallow but look ugly.

$1300 shipped usps priority. Payment by money order or personal check to clear.


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