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Feb 28, 2019
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Springfield, VA.
Up for sale is a custom full stock Hawken rifle I picked up in a trade that was only partially built. I did not like the work performed but saw potential for a very nice rifle. I sent the rifle to John King of Kila, Montana to rebuild. He found that the original builder misaligned the lock and had to work his magic on it. The barrel was cut from 36 to 30 inches and the stock reshaped accordingly. The stock was refinished and the metal browned.

This Hawken is built along the lines of an early rifle using tiger striped maple, stained a dark walnut. It has the classic crescent buttplate with a traditional iron toeplate that ends in a beavertail. The square cheekpiece is traditional early Hawken with a length of pull of 13-5/8”. The toe of the rifle had a crack in it that was repaired with two brass pins and glass bedded. The repair is now stronger than the wood. You can just see a line near the toe.

The straight octagon barrel was made by Howard Kelly and cut for a tight ball and patch in .58 caliber with a 1x66 twist. John installed three wedge keys with oval escutcheons to retain the barrel. A Griffith Tool Company straight hooked breach plug and tang was used. A Johnson peep sight was installed, as was a Rocky Mountain front sight with a silver blade and copper base.

The Griffith Tool Company percussion lock with fly detent for set triggers was paired with a double set long L&R Hawken trigger that ends in a beavertail. The early flat style triggerguard was used and the unit is anchored to the tang with two bolts and a wood screw. A single lock bolt was used with an early style Hawken lock bolt escutcheon.

The hickory ramrod has an iron end threaded for 10x32 and passes through two Hawken iron ramrod pipes and entry pipe.

Much of the metal has been glass bedded. The rifle weighs about 9 pounds and balances at the wedge escutcheon near the action. This is now a handy, hard hitting, hunting rifle.

Selling for $1500 shipped directly to you from Springfield, Virginia. I accept cash, MO and personal checks. No trades or PayPal. Nice example of a Hawken rifle. I have not shot the rifle since receiving it back from John and need the funds for another project. Contact me with any questions.


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