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Wm Turvey Rifle

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Jan 3, 2005
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Here is a Wm Turvey breechloading rifle.


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I tried to add a video of this, but it was too large for the site. If you are on FB look for it on the Flintlock Era page. I added a bunch of pictures and a video of how it loads.
Turvey died in 1745, so this precedes the Ferguson rifle by a few decades. The 34" barrel is approx. .75 caliber and rifled with an approx. twist of 1/48". This is a very nice handling rifle and I'll bet was quite the shooter in its day.

It uses the same principle as a Ferguson in that the chamber is slightly larger than the bore. A ball is pushed into the throated area and the chamber is filled with powder. The threaded plug is screwed back into place, you primed and were ready to fire. The Ferguson has the advantage of having the attached lever that you wouldn't lose, unless you got carried away and accidently unscrewed.
So it is just grooved that way to see through it?

I would still drop it at some point while loading..... Probably while hunting and standing in snow or a small brook. 🙄
Yes, it's just grooved so that you can see through it. This definitely came before the Ferguson design on the evolutionary scale. What's interesting is that before Turvey died he was making Ferguson like rifles with a screw breech/trigger guard.

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