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Nov 12, 2018
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Two weeks ago this was a well organized work bench but after several gun projects and accessory projects it is total chaos.
I blame it on gremlins but I gaurentee they won't clean it up.😉


  • IMG_20240227_143313307.jpg
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I blame it on gremlins
Not only do they trash your work bench, they hide tools and supplies that were in plain sight 30 seconds ago. My wife calls them shop Farries and if you talk to them real nice they will bring stuff back. The one thing that is missing from your bench that is on mine is the snap mouse trap.
That's pretty tame compared to mine. I might get voted off the island if I took a picture of my mess. Somethings gotta give soon. I'm just afraid if I cleaned it up, I couldn't find anything.
Damn Gremlins they'll get you every time. My wife always questions how my brain works. When I'm cooking something I clean as I go but when I'm working on project its add another item to the pile.
I learned to cook in a restaurant kitchen. You never have as many pots and utensils as you have customers. So I learned to clean as I go. The habit stuck and it's how I am in the home kitchen. When the food is in or on the range I wash off the cutting board, sit and sip something while it cooks.

When the wife cooks and the food is on the stove she turns around and looks at a mountain of utensils to wash. She doesn't seem to mind but it would make me nuts.

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