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Whatcha Got in Your Possibles/Apocalypse Bag?

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Sep 13, 2019
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My main possibles bag is a sort of "apocalypse bag". It is intended to more or less help sustain me should I need to go wandering from my home base under... um.... less than ideal circumstances. Could be zombies, aliens or just starving people (the most dangerous by far in my estimation). Might be a hunting trip, might be a scouting expedition.

Anyways, my bag is a large one. It contains:
  • a ball bag with 100 or so round balls
  • a Zip-Lock plastic bag with some pre-lubed linen patches made from an old shirt
  • a leather pouch with a magnesium "match" along with some pre-shredded magnesium "wool"
  • a single-blade Boker Barlow knife
  • a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife
  • a small compass
  • a shooter's "necklace" with a ball starter, a small zippered pouch with a few balls and patches, a T/C transparent capper and a deer-antler powder measure.
The "necklace" has light carabiners on it to facilitate different components. I.e.: I would not need a capper if I was carrying a flintlock and I might choose a different volume powder measure. The carabiners are knotted into the leather thong to keep them from tangling together. A knotted piece of it hangs outside of the bag and it can be drawn out quickly and put 'round my neck.

The bag would be carried in addition to a Magellan travel vest (with many pockets filled with other items like cash, silver, extra pocket knives, a small first-aid kit and a wallet), a Cold Steel belt knife, 2-quart canteen, a horn or two of powder and possibly a large ALICE pack that might contain more bulky items should it end up being a longer trip.

It is currently set up to accommodate a T/C Hawken caplock in .45 caliber but could easily be reconfigured for any of my other guns.

This is still a work in progress and might have a few items swapped out and others added. I am considering some water purification tablets, a bag of trail mix, a lock-blade knife (you can't have too many knives) and a small flashlight. I got a light tomahawk I forged a few years ago that might get included. It's kind of a balancing act between weight/volume and the likelihood of my needing the item in question. I thought about adding a miner's lamp, but the lamp plus calcium carbide for it took up too much space. Also, in the scenario I envision, AA batteries will be littering the floors in many abandoned stores while carbide will be nearly impossible to come by.

I've also considered a revolver and a small quantity of ammo. Still considering it.

So.... what do the rest of you keep in your bag?
It is the 21st century, I would take with me all the knowledge and experience I've practiced for many years while studying and living historical reenactment.
Along with "bug-out" gear, that is pretty much 21st century.
To old to run, bad knees and ankles. Live in the middle of a neighborhood. At least 4 of 5 immediate neighbors have defensive weapons. Middle of neighborhood will hear em coming as will the neighbors. Possibles bag is my home. My reality is I will not be exploring or going out for an adventure. Sorry but have put some thought to this in reality. Next 4 months working on food stock pile, staples will be more expensive if available so need more.
Well, exploration would happen in a year or so after the food ran out if the garden gets froze out and the neighbors shoot all the deer in the immediate area. At some point the ammo for the modern rifles will run out... so a 200 yard shot to take me out would not be as easy as it is now. A flintlock can be made to work with base materials for an awfully long time... longer than I am likely to live.

Civilization will return more or less, eventually and I figure my neighbors will be more happy if I show up at their door with part of a deer carcass than if I show up with my hand out looking for a can of beans.

NOBODY willing to tell me what they put in the possibles bag?
One never gives away secrets,😂 it would be wise to have the ability yo scrounge ammo from the sources that would become available (therfore various weapons of different cals. think common NATO ammunition) actually a 30-06 would be a poor choice for that type of distance shooting (200 yards just getting warmed up) There will be no authority and time delayed sets is what would be called for. Look back at history there were a lot of partisian warriors. But when it gets to that point all bets are off. Where we as hunters now hunt during day light, it would be wise then to hunt at night 👍 I am surprised your bug out bag does not contain a water purification system that does not require a fire. Your going to be limited as to distance since there will be no fuel and all the main road ways will be chocked full of abandoned vehicles. Like I said we live in a modern world and play make believe in our other endevors. A muzzle loader in that type of situation will be worthless no matter what fixings one may have. But it is nice to play what if, and this is what I would do when it happens.
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