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What Was Under Your Tree?

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Lots of things.

My dad surprised me with a Dave Hasler shooting bag.
I didnt get much and thats just fine. The kiddos got some fun toys. After drooling over mine, my father got a Kibler Woodsrunner. He was happy!
Wool Costco socks. I love them and wear them everyday. Get the next years pack every Christmas.
5 pair of reading glasses.
A mold and 2 sizers.
Lots of gummy bears.
I got the same thing as last year, only bigger. Nothing!

It's not that I've been a bad boy, lately, but my wife and I gave up exchanging gifts some years ago. We already have what we need.

I didn't get off the holiday "financial hook" though, the dishwasher broke down this morning, no kidding!

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