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UK Park Rifle

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Nice bit of kit! Presumably there should be Proof Marks on the rifle showing its "gauge" --- I would suspect that it is about 52bore -- - about right for the lighter deer in most private parks. For STAG a much larger bore is necesary --- I have a 24bore (.577" approx) Adams revolving rifle... the largest one that I did have was a 16-bore --- I never did fire it as I couldn't face the cleaning ;-)))
Taking another ,better look at the Gascoine photos,that is definately a Very nice,Top quality rifle(they don't come any Better) with as you point out Fine checkering. British stockers from late1700's to date seem to favour 20/" or smaller.Checked all mine and all but one are 20/22/". The odd one is a transitional BLC Sporting/Match .451 which has a Basket work pattern on wrist and fore end with Ratchet 5 groove 34" tube.1:18" rifling by Cooper&Goodman of Birmingham,1861..Still can't pursuade W10 to send Photo's. W7 was GOOD.


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