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Trail-cam pictures.

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Apr 15, 2008
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Though I prefer to hunt with 'primitive' equipment, A little tech to help me see what is going to be out there next season is nice too. Plus all the other stuff that shows up.

I have just acquired two cameras and I find them to be very entertaining. So far I've only tried them out in the back yard. Squirrels, bunnies and humming birds. :)

I don't think they are going to contribute anything to my hunting success. Elk and mule deer aren't near as habitual as whitetail. I already know the places they hang out but which place which day 🤔
We used to have around 30 cameras out on an 800 acre lease. While I'm traditional in hunting, I agree Robby, the pictures are fun to see. I cannot say that a camera has ever helped me bag a nice buck except, perhaps, to be more comfortable letting smaller bucks go because I knew some bigger ones were around.

Here's two of my favorite pics. You never know what you might capture.


BTW....There are no moose in SE Minnesota except very rarely when one goes on a walkabout from the NE part of the state...and there aren't many there anymore either! So imagine my shock when I saw that picture! This one even decided to walk right down the main street of a small nearby town! Last I heard, he had made it almost to Des Moines, IA!


OK, one big whitetail buck pic! This one wasn't on the lease. It was about 100 yards behind my house on my own property!

I have about a dozen game cameras scattered about for similar reasons. I get to see what game is around or moving through, and trespassers. Over the years I've had a number of cameras disappear, stolen by trespassers, but have gotten a bit more creative in "sets". The oddest things I've had on camera were a woodcock on the ground at night, and a snake.
Over the years I've had a number of cameras disappear, stolen by trespassers...

One thing I do is to use a security code that must be used to do any setup on the camera or turn it back on when changing cards, etc. Then I use one of those little "ribbon" letter makers to put a sticker on them that states "Sec Code Required." I don't know if it helps anything, but I've never had a camera stolen....yet. If they understand what a security code is, they would know the camera is useless to them without the code.

Steg49....gotta love it when you have large predators killing things in your back yard!

Watched a show on Alaska once and they had a big sow Brown Bear and two cubs that killed a cow moose and her two offspring in an in town back yard. Residents heard the commotion during the night and flicked on yard lights to witness it...next morning the carcasses had grass thrown up over them....mama bear intended to be back. Now I love wildlife, but THAT is a little too wild for me!
I was give a few (3) game cameras for Christmas this past year. I put one out the first week of January just below a hunting blind I setup during the previous season. Where were they during season? I got about two days worth of pictures as one of my neighbors discovered my camera (yes, I have them on pictures!) and aimed the camera down at the ground! I am glad I padlocked the unit and secured it to the tree using a python cord! C'est La Vie!


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